If you do not yet know this race, I will try to briefly share my own experiences. These dogs are characterized by amazing character and temperament so much that being only their company brings huge joy. In Poland this breed is still little known, but anyone who has armed patient enough to wait for their puppies did not regret the decision. In the pictures you can see that it is a small dog with an extremely nice muzzle. Very often confused with French bulldog. it has sleeker and lighter silhouette. I think the more accurate statement would be that it looks like a miniature boxer. The character resembles him very much. Very cheerful, clever and energetic, shorthair, with naturally erected ears and rudimentary tail. It also has an innate intelligence and with minimal contribution to its education, one can achieve an obedient devoted friend. Many owners opt for another dog, because one is too little joy.

I shared with you my experiences, which do not differ from the opinions of other breeders and I highly recommend this race if you want to have a wonderful little demanding pooch. I refer to the gallery as well as the achievements of Mona, who at the age of 1.5 was Polish Junior Champion, and fights for the title of Polish Champion in the open class.

All new achievements will be completed on a regular basis.

Mona 2008 Mona 2008 Mona 2008 Mona 2008